The Backboard



We take a moment to honour and pay tribute to the players who have etched their names into the our history. These individuals may have moved on from the court, but their impact and shared moments with the CPBC will forever resonate.
These are the players who, through skill, camaraderie, and an undeniable love for the game, have contributed to the basketball moments that define our club.
While circumstances prevent us from hanging their numbers in the rafters, we do want to have your name on our website.

As we look back with gratitude, we also look forward, inspired by what you left behind, a great memorable basketball journey.

Thank You for being an integral part of the our Club.

Signature Moves

Marcin fake round the back

Marcin v2 – Top is off, talking

Don’s Mid Range Jumper (Lithuanian corridor)

Don v2 – “Making layups is so easy”

Jay’s Fast Break Dunk

JBs “QB Break Pass” and “Motion”

Matt’s Rainbow

The Bilal Booty Bump

Tomasz foul line floater

Duffy windmill “layup shot”

Richard Anderson “I will miss jump shots on purpose”

Trey “don’t try and get through my screen”

Amuni “I will just shoots 3s no matter what”

Andre – “I am out”

Duddy’s school of handsomeness

Miriam’s Snake bite

Zak “the original fast breaker”

Pawel “I will pass but I will not look”

Pawel “Shall I Pass to an open man?... Nah! I can bank this shot easy”

Roger “What’s the 3 second rule?”

Benson “What elbow?”

Karolis “I will step back for no reason... Really slowly”

Glen’s Hop Step

Rokas “I never get fouled”

Loukas “I will run in circle... and run... and run...”

Hal “no way that’s not a foul”

Andy ”Trust in my shot…always”

Diego “I will Hook shot to the left and I will hook shot to the right”

Christian “I will just fake and scoop everyone tonight”

Arek “Look at my pretty jump shot”

Ed “I invite you to my block party”

The JB limply limp (Run to steps, hobble, swear and walk off the court)