Member’s Handbook & Code of Conduct

Booking a session

All payments are managed by a third party company called Sportas. You can book via their app or the Sportas Website.


There is a 48 hours cancellation policy stated by Sportas. In case of emergences, please reach out to the organiser.

What's your name?

Encourage, Support, Know the names of every player


Do not use names for others that you wouldn’t want to be called yourself. Treat people with respect, recognising that they may have different abilities, but they are still individuals deserving of dignity.


We take great pleasure in witnessing players motivating each other when they score a basket, execute a good pass, or make a steal.


Discover more about your teammates! Thanks to their insights, you could explore fantastic restaurants, discover a new flats or job opportunities, and even plan memorable vacations together.

Skill Levels

Recognise that there is a diversity of skill levels and motivations among the participants. Some are there for a casual run, while others treat it as their weekly practice.


Maintain a positive tone in the conversation, as there is often a right and wrong way to express something.

Play On

Strive to play with both intensity and intelligence, avoiding flagrant fouls or unnecessary and questionable foul calls (BS fouling).


Support your teammates in improving their defence or offence. Offer straightforward, brief advice, and avoid overcomplicating things or adopting a coaching style like Coach Carter.


We are responsible for calling our own fouls, within reasonable limits. In case of disagreement, play goes in favour of the offense. Let’s remember that arguments over calls affect everyone’s playing time, so let’s avoid unnecessary disputes and maintain fair play without any bogus calls.


Take a break and let your teammate play; substitutions are made every 4-5 minutes, usually twice per session. Use this time to hydrate and rest briefly.


Keep in mind that this is all about having fun, not the NBA finals, the Final Four, or the All-Stars. Compete to win, but don’t stress if you don’t.


Remember, it’s just a game. Some may win, others may lose. Play by the rules and stay composed.

Move the ball

In our sessions, we discourage selfish play, which means players cannot monopolize the game by taking 4-5 consecutive shots without passing the ball.

Social Media

Let’s ensure that our communication channels (WhatsApp groups) stay focused on basketball-related matters. Some groups are designated for any basketball or sports-related content, while others are specifically for organizing the sessions. Please check with the admins for any queries


Please adhere to the venue’s rules and avoid any actions that could potentially cause issues.

Foul language & behaviour

Please be mindful to avoid swearing, cursing, or using similar language during the sessions. While it might provide stress relief, it can be confusing and have a negative impact on the overall experience. Additionally, we should exercise caution as the sports centre may have under 18s present.
In our club, we strictly enforce a zero tolerance policy when it comes to bad manners and negative or derogatory gossiping.0 If such behaviour is observed, the player or players involved will be required to leave our sessions and may face a possible ban from re-joining.